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do you dare to dream?

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Hey Visionary Thinker,

I am assuming that if you are here then you are or have been in one or more of these situations,

You want to start a business of your own,

You want to improve your existing business,

You are tired of going to the weekly presentation meetings that none of your invites ever show up to,

You are tired of spending money for opportunities that don’t work for YOU or maybe you're just sick and tired of your spouse or other family members asking, “When are you going to make some money?”,

I know how you feel.  I have been in each of those situations over the years...

Not understanding why an idea works for others you know but not you.  Thinking you’re the failure not the opportunity.  Listening to all of the “crabs” in your life trying to keep you inside the box. But you have ideas, goals and dreams you have to pursue.  I am here to tell you DON'T GIVE UP!

I have gathered all of my learning experiences to supply you with the strategies you need to create the business that you dream of right here in Peppersville.

Lisa Chestnut

Lisa Chestnut

In​troducing:  FOUNDATIONS - Business and Digit​al Strategies for Visionary Thinkers

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