Organizing Your Home Office

Organizing Your Home Office For Maximum Business Productivity

The Excuses About Organizing Your Home Office

Feeling disorganized is no fun: Being disorganized, downright sucks. Yet so many of us stumble on, complaining to friends and family that our lives are so chaotic.

We have so many reasons for not making the changes we need. We think it’s down to all the circumstances in our lives:

  • The three preschoolers we’ve been wrangling (except that two of them are now in school);
  • the elderly or sick relative we’ve been providing part-time caretaking (which leaves us too exhausted the rest of the week for proactive activity);
  • the kids’ extra-curricular activities that seem to eat up the week in a heartbeat…

When you put all these reasons together, you see there’s one common thread in this theme: You’re not making time for you. (Or if you do, you’re just falling out, exhausted!)

So you struggle on in your online businesses, trying to learn that course you invested in before eventually putting it on the back burner, rushing to get a project out to a client (and immediately get started on the next one), or just plain procrastinating because you feel powerless and tired. Perhaps even a little confused.

The big danger about being disorganized is that it becomes a habit. Breaking habits don’t happen through thinking and agonizing about it. Breaking habits happen when we take action.

If you really want to get your business back on track (and make it feel fun again), a really easy way is to start by organizing your home office—for maximum business productivity!

Over the next several weeks, we will explore four ways to get and keep your home office organized.  If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Why You Should Organize your Home Office

Organize Your Office

People tend to think of a home office as a place where they do their work.

It’s not. That is just one of your home office’s functions.

Think of it as a tool for running a successful business. It is to your service-based or e-commerce business what a sewing machine is to a seamstress. If your sewing machine doesn’t work, you won’t get your work done!

Or else you’ll spend…

Hours fixing that sewing machine—floundering around on YouTube looking up videos—after finally abandoning the manufacturer’s incomplete manual (and discovering you don’t have a screwdriver small enough to remove the foot-plate)

That’s actually what happens to your productivity when your home office is disorganized. You lose productivity, energy—and hours of time.

Disorganization is:

  • Tiring
  • Frustrating
  • Stress-producing
  • Energy consuming
  • Time-eating
  • Depressing

You could also say it’s contagious. (Ever notice how one tiny, disorganized area snowballs into an avalanche, if you let it go for even a little while?)

Organize your home office and you will maximize productivity in your business – so you’re getting stuff done!

Join me next week when we will explore the five essential steps to getting started organizing your home office.  In the meantime, check out this great read to continue your productivity journey:  Top 5 Ways to be More Productive

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