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Lisa Chestnut

Lisa Chestnut

Founder, website designer-developer, digital solutions provider


  • Technology and Small Business Training
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance & Training
  • Marketing Information Management
  • Financial Data & Business Process Analysis
  • Management Reporting



For over 15 years, I have been dedicated to supporting the success of entrepreneurs through website development, creating user-friendly digital solutions and providing hands-on training.

My Story

When I was 28 years old working in the financial services field and a single mother of three, I was 100 lbs overweight and just lost my mother to heart disease. I made a goal to live a more healthy lifestyle for myself and my children.

I found mentors that could guide me through to developing healthy eating habits and finding exercise routines that worked best for me. I took classes at the gym to learn about the different exercises and read books on how to eat better. I then created my own diet and exercise routine that fit my interests and lifestyle. It worked! When the dust settled I was a beautiful 135 pounds.

Wow! Thanks to my mentors, I essentially recreated my future while focusing on what action I took daily. As a result, my life has been one of increased self-esteem, involvement in more social\business activities and continuous stepping outside of my own box to achieve new goals.

I was inspired to use my stored knowledge plus learn all I could in Finance and Technology to help you before you fall in or assist you to get out of a similar hole I fell into – broke, overweight and barely happy.

The additional skills gained in technology complimented my 15 years of experience in government, small-medium business accounting and personal finance very nicely. I continue to learn new technologies, software and information strategies to implement in my own business and my client’s businesses.

My mission has always been to connect with other visionary thinkers like you and help you create change from the inside out.

Join me on this visionary journey.

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