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[Review] Nozbe: Stress Free Productivity In a Get It Done World

When deciding on the best project management tool to use you have a lot of choices and Nozbe is just one of them. Nozbe is a project management application that has been around since 2007 and was initially inspired by David Allen’s book: “Getting Things Done (GTD) – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. You can see the inspiration throughout the app. It is available for use on a web browser, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Nozbe Project Management

8 reasons why Nozbe just might be the right project management tool for you.

  1. Time Estimations – While Nozbe does not offer time tracking it does allow you to enter the estimated time it takes to complete a task. This helps to schedule the right amount of time to get your tasks completed. It is also a great way to let a team member, such as a virtual assistant, know how long they should expect to work on a task.
  2. Recurring Tasks – Recurring tasks are a must in project management. It’s time-consuming and frustrating to have to copy the same task over and over again. If you need your virtual assistant to accomplish a certain task every week, you can just set it up as a recurring task and they will be assigned that task every week without you having to lift a finger.
  3. Templates – Templates are great for product creation and business processes. Create a template with all the tasks and details needed for the project. The next time you have a similar project just use the template to save time and have your project tasks ready for you to start taking action on.
  4. Listed Based – Some people are visual people and some are list people. Nozbe is for list people. There are no distractions of graphics or visual pieces. Just the tasks you need to focus on to help move your business forward.
  5. Third Party App Integration – Nozbe plays nicely with numerous third-party apps such as Evernote, Google, Microsoft Office, Box, and Dropbox.
  6. Desktop and Mobile Apps – While Nozbe is available to use over the internet in a web browser you can also download a desktop and mobile app. The mobile app is great to add items as inspiration strikes while you are out and about. The desktop app is for those who don’t like to have too many browser windows or tabs open at once. The desktop app is a stand-alone software application that works the same way as the Nozbe does in a web browser.
  7. Categories – One of Nozbe’s most popular features is categories. You can assign each task within a project to a category. Tasks in a category can come from multiple projects. For example, you may have a task to make a phone call in project 1 and project 2. If you categorize those tasks as ‘phone calls’, then when you view the category you will see all the phone calls you need to make regardless of the project. This allows you to knock out the same type of tasks for multiple projects at the same time.
  8. Priority Tasks – Nozbe is unique in that it has a priority tasks tab. If you add a due date to tasks and that date is getting near,  Nozbe will automatically put it in the priority list for the task to do. You can also add any tasks you want to this list. This is a great way to stay on schedule and not to let anything fall through the cracks.

Everyone works in different ways. Nozbe works great for those of you that love the “Get It Done” system and checking off lists. It offers the most important features you need for a project management app while still keeping it cost-effective for your small business.

Check out the Nozbe overview video to see if it is the right project management tool for you.


Rating:   I give it 4 Twisted Peppers.  It is easy to use and economical.

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